The Independent Artists’ Mission

is to create opportunities of growth and exposure to the starving artist through self-expression and self-knowledge

We believe theatre teaches us how to express ourselves more effectively, developing our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other and improving our relationships with one another and the world around us.

It teaches us about ourselves and how our minds and the minds of those around us work as well as how the environments we live in affect who we are and will become. We believe that by engaging audiences in a non-traditional way, we can help audiences become less passive and more active.

Independent Artists’ Playhouse is committed to pushing boundaries and taking risks.


IAP is a company built by actors, for actors. It all started in the summer of 2016, with a couple friends wanting to put on a show they love. Our first production was a true labor of love and showed us that if we created art- people would come and support! Now, with 3 shows under our belt and a slew of successful cabaret performances- we are excited to see what the future of IAP holds. We are excited to give talented theatre artists who may not be getting the opportunities they desire a place to play, to inspire, and to grow. 



Quentin Brown
Artistic Director


Evan Mclean
Co-Artistic Director


Janine D. Baggett
Artistic Associate


Andrea Mora
Artistic Associate


Jacob McKee
Artistic Associate

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Chris Saltalamacchio
Artistic Associate


Brittani Minnieweather
Artistic Associate


Michael Pugh
Artistic Associate